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ThomasLogДата: Среда, 13.05.2015, 06:13 | Сообщение # 1
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It has been more than 2 years since I last posted something about bunion treatments here, but I just got news that the non surgical bunion treatment as used by Milly Ng in HongKong (see the blog post below - Microcurrent treatment) is now also available in the US. I think this is really good news! This is a very common question that we hear all the time, so it needs to be addressed.

University of Pennsylvania researchers gave 37 arthritis sufferers borage oil (which contains GLA) or a placebo, The placebo had no effect, but the herb group reported 45 percent less pain with no side effects. Researchers at New York Medical College in Valhalla analyzed five studies and found that one-half to one clove of garlic per day reduces cholesterol by 9 percent. The big study was published in 1997 in the journal of the American Medical Association: Researchers n a multicenter study gave 202 people with Alzheimer's either a placebo or ginkgo extract (120 mg a day). For GI infections (ulcer, food poisoning, infectious diarrhea, etc.), ask your doctor about using goldenseal in addition to medical therapies.

Corns are caused from wearing restrictive shoes that put too much pressure on the toes. This isn't a good thing and the body knows it. To protect feet and toes from injury, the skin forms hardened lumps (corns). Bunions are formed when the sideways (transverse) arch falls.

A full gait analysis and pressure analysis examination can be performed in the office which will aid in pinpointing the exact bone deformity that is causing the painful callus. Very tight or narrow shoes can also aid in the formation of corns and calluses due to the excessive pressure from the shoe gear. Non-medicated corn pads are also very helpful to place on the toes to help prevent re-currence of the lesions and to help prevent pain while in shoe gear. The higher the heel the greater the body column change.

Bunions , corns, and calluses can be protected with non medicated felt pads or cloth tape, they can also be treated with an ice pack to ease the pain. The most important tip is to wear the right shoes that form well to your foot and cause no discomfort. Your local drug store carries creams and liquids specialized for treating or easing the pain of these ailments! Symptoms: The most common symptom associated with https://dignasellin.wordpress.com/2015/03/25/what-are-the-major-causes-of-adult-aquired-flatfoot - Oedema
is best followed up with supportive therapies to prevent a recurrence of your health problem. A bunion occurs when the big toe is angled inward toward the rest of the toes. Bunions are characterized by a large bump that protrudes out of the side of the foot. This bump is the joint of the big toe that is being pushed awkwardly out of position. While the exact cause of bunion formation is not completely understood, it seems to run in families.
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